Body Image: Changing Behaviour

  I have been thinking a lot about body image of late, its always been a topic near and dear to my heart.  Having struggled with bulimia as a young adult, later as an obese woman struggling to find self acceptance, and even now as fit and healthy person I find I struggle with my self acceptance. … Continue reading

Pictures from our Saunders Farm Fitness Class

My good friend Laura Carew was kind enough to take some great pics of us at the Wednesday Night Saunders Farm Fitness Class.  I can’t wait to make a mini scrapbook album with these! (my other love is scrapbooking). Check out the fun we have on Wednesday nights! Fun that most certainly could not be … Continue reading

Friend + Park + Sweat = Good Fun

I have been loving the arrival of summer and heading to the park to workout rather then heading to the gym.  My kids have really loved the change of scenery and will happily play at the park over being in the gym daycare any day.  I am blessed to have some great friends at my … Continue reading

2 years ago I got my KICKSTART!

Just over 2 years ago I set forth on a journey to make change in my life.  I wanted to feel different, I wanted some OOMPH back, to have energy and not feel like I was dragging my feet through my days, and I wanted to recognize the girl starring back at me in the … Continue reading

Kick Start Your Wellness Journey: Movement + Nutrition

I am very excited to be teaming up with Jayda Siggers of Eat Whole Be Vital to bring you a local Fitness and Nutrition class this summer. I’m particularly excited because the fitness portion of this class is geared toward the beginner-intermediate fitness level (don’t worry I have lots of ways to increase the intensity level and make the more advanced … Continue reading

Marathon Day: Life Long Dream

(disclaimer this is a long, indulgent post, with lots of pictures….dude life long dream here! ) My alarm went off at 5am this morning and I was ready and anxious to get going.  I loaded up on a hardy breaky of PB, honey and banana toast and coffee.  At 6 AM I was ready to go, and … Continue reading