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Body Image: Changing Behaviour

  I have been thinking a lot about body image of late, its always been a topic near and dear to my heart.  Having struggled with bulimia as a young adult, later as an obese woman struggling to find self acceptance, and even now as fit and healthy person I find I struggle with my self acceptance. … Continue reading

Friend + Park + Sweat = Good Fun

I have been loving the arrival of summer and heading to the park to workout rather then heading to the gym.  My kids have really loved the change of scenery and will happily play at the park over being in the gym daycare any day.  I am blessed to have some great friends at my … Continue reading

Kick Start Your Wellness Journey: Movement + Nutrition

I am very excited to be teaming up with Jayda Siggers of Eat Whole Be Vital to bring you a local Fitness and Nutrition class this summer. I’m particularly excited because the fitness portion of this class is geared toward the beginner-intermediate fitness level (don’t worry I have lots of ways to increase the intensity level and make the more advanced … Continue reading

Finding balance during the holidays

Easter weekend is here and I am very excited to sit back and relax with my family, enjoy someone else making me a delcious meal (hehehe love it when my mom makes me dinner, kids don’t know how good they have it), some wobbly pops (aka wine) and well yes some CHOCOLATE! I know that all … Continue reading

Exercise Video’s a Great Fill In

One of my goals with Fit Mom in Barrhaven is to help get people MOVING! Realistically, having a personal trainer or a gym membership is not available to everyone.  Even if you are fortunate to have these things at your disposal there are days when you can’t get to the gym or see your personal trainer.  That’s when … Continue reading

And the winner is…….

A huge thank-you to everyone who entered this contest, I loved reading all your comments.  It made me smile seeing all the workout wishes, and that people are indeed looking to have fun and get sweaty.  So drumroll please……the winner of this free personal training session is….. Becky!  Becky I will email you shortly to … Continue reading